Beat the Heat with These 5 Indian Super Foods!


Australian summers are harsh. They are known to cause dehydration and fatigue. In addition to this, there are always multiple incidents of heat strokes. It was reported by the Australia Medical Association that more than 500 people die to heat stress every year. Summer is the time when our bodies crave for cooling and hydrating light food. It is, therefore, important to include healthy summer foods in your diet. Here is the best cooling food that would soothe your body from the inside and flush out toxins. 


Homemade Dahi or curd is the perfect fuel to be consumed during summers. It is both light and effective and has a reputation for keeping one hydrated. Dahi is a brilliant gut healer with its healthy bacteria. It nurtures your heart and builds stronger bones. Dahi is also a superfood when it comes to skincare. It includes minerals like zinc, phosphorus and vitamin E, that naturally improves skin quality. Right from moisturizing your skin to keeping blemishes and ache away, the curd is a superfood to rely on.  

Coconut Water

The best beach companion is the epitome of healthy food. Coconut water keeps all your summer problems and diseases at bay. It is a boon for diabetic patients and patients suffering from heart and kidney problems. It also has anti-oxidant properties and contains essential minerals and electrolytes that keep you hydrated throughout the harsh summers. 


Ghee is known to keep both your body and mind clean. According to ancient Ayurveda texts, ghee should be consumed before meals or early in the meal. Our bodies tend to get dry in summer, consumption of ghee will help balance the internal moisture. Ghee also assists you to get sound sleep. 

Neem Leaves

Yes, we agree neem is bitter but one cannot deny that it is one of the most healthy food. Neem assists in keeping your liver and pancreas healthy. It also cleanses the blood and keeps blood sugar levels normal. Not only the leaves but also the bark and flowers of neem are a boon for summers. 


Mint provides relief from respiratory problems, nausea, headache and is helpful in treating digestive problems. It is also good for one’s oral health. Mint is used in an array of summer drinks because of its natural cooling properties. 

Health is wealth. A healthy outside starts from a healthy inside and the above superfood are a blessing. Whether you consume them in their raw form or add on to any recipe, these would prove to be a boon. For healthy and scrumptious Indian meals made with such power ingredients visit Camberwell Curry house.


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