What makes Curry so special?


It is no surprise that people choose curry as their first choice when it comes to food. There is this exotic mixture of different ingredients that your flavour palate will love instantaneously and with a range of different essences, it excites your taste buds with each and every bite. Not only that, but the spice is like nothing you’ve ever tried before; each and every one is unique but still never loses that intriguing flavour that you almost crave night after night. But there might be more than just the spice that makes this dish kick.

The Mixture Of Flavours

The reason we find it so intriguing is that unlike foods typically found in Australia, which contain multiple flavours that all seem to have the same taste, curry contradicts everything. Curry has at least six or more flavours, that are complete opposites in every way when it comes to flavour, it seems like every ingredient added would not go together, but somehow it works, and it works well. With the mixture of each and every spice, herb, seed and leaf, it is able to give the mouth and taste buds something so unique and so exhilarating that it makes you require a need that when you leave you will want to come back for more.

All The Flavours Come Together

The range of flavours in each taste is what makes the dish so exciting. It offers your tongue a chance to take the lead and be the guide. It gives it a chance to think and explore all the different elements and factors that each ingredient is giving to create a combined brand new fundamental core flavour. The tongue takes hold of the flavours and goes on an adventure with you to all these different locations where these ingredients are found and harvested. As much as these ingredients contradict, they also unite in an extraordinary way. For example, much like pretzels and chocolate, one is savoury while the other is sweet, it would not seem that they would go well together at all, except there is something about the mixture of extreme opposites that can generate the most magical creation, which can leave you wanting more.

It Is The Way Food Should Be

Food is something tricky to master. What should it be? What should it taste like? Curry is exactly like that. But what makes it so special is that it inspires what food should be. Too many meals are the same. Curry offers that difference. Curry isn’t just a food, it is a brand new adventure of exploring, not only of different cultures but of the way food is created. Food can inspire, but curry especially can perhaps give you the inspiration to create something magical and something people will be talking about for years to come. That is why curry is so special, not just in Indian culture, but throughout the world.

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