The Power of Indian Spices

The Power of Indian Spices

Spices from the base of any Indian or Nepali dish. It plays a very important role in the way of cooking and consumption of both these cuisines. As an Indian Nepalese fine dining restaurant, we are never satisfied with just a dash of salt or a squeeze of lime. We want our food to tickle the taste buds of all our customers. At Camberwell Curry House, we want our cuisine not only to be colourful, flavourful but also filled with tasty spices that come with an abundance of health benefits.

Every spice in Indian culture has its own essence and nutritional values. At Camberwell Curry House, we understand that the spices can either make or break a dish and therefore they need to be used in moderation. Overdose of any spice can lead to various stomach issues. Therefore, we carefully select our spices and make a perfect blend for our various dishes. This ensures all our customers derive the health benefits of these exotic spices. Here are some of the healthy spices that have been kept under wraps from generations.

Black Pepper :

Did you know black pepper was once considered as gold? Yes, in ancient times, the value of this spice made it as precious as gold for trade purposes. Black pepper can increase the production of hydrochloric acid. This acid helps the stomach in digestion thus saving you from digestive issues and constipation. Black pepper is also to be anti-bacterial and filled with iron.


Nutmeg too has anti-bacterial properties and helps in fighting tooth decay. It is also known to fight Alzheimer’s and assists in the improvement of our memory. Nutmeg also has the ability to reduce flatulence and improve appetite.


Tempered cumin or jeera is the most common spice used in Indian households. A maximum number of dishes are incomplete without cumin. Cumin relieves one from digestive problems, reduces chances of anemia and alleviates common cold.


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