Tips to Find the Right Indian Food Caterer to Make Your Event Memorable

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Are you looking for a good Indian food caterer in Melbourne to celebrate your milestone birthday?

It is a daunting task to find a good Indian food catering in Melbourne, especially when you haven’t done it before. Here are few essential points to keep in mind to find the right Indian catering in Melbourne to create a memorable event:

Tip #1 Caterer’s openness to cater to your requirements

When you are looking for a caterer, try to find whether the caterer is eager to cater your requirements. A responsive caterer will help you improvise your plans and even suggests new ideas to make the event even more special. Remember, while it is important that your caterer serves the freshest food, the deciding factor should be its eagerness to serve your specific requirements.

Tip#2 Experience of staff and chef

While t is important that the caterer has considerable experience in the field, you should not ignore the experience of their staff and chef. So when you interview a caterer, make sure you have asked about the chef and their experience in the business.

Tip# 3 Options in the menu

Indian cuisine is diverse and so is Indian taste palette. Therefore, it is important you ensure that your caterer serves enough variety to cater to different tastes and preferences. Make sure your caterer’s menu has something for everything. Right from chaat to curries, to a variety of meat dishes for your non-vegetarian guests, your caterer should have enough variety to give everyone a chance to enjoy their favourite dish and go home with a full stomach.

Tip#4 Ability to manage events

If you are planning to host a grand event, it is important to hire a caterer who has the ability and capacity to manage such a large-scale event. Before you hire his services, it is necessary to ensure how well the caterer has managed his past events. Make thorough enquiries (from his past clients) about the food quantity, quality and overall services.

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