Wedding Catering Service in Melbourne

What do you look for when choosing a wedding caterer?

Camberwell Curry Café is an Indian nepalese restaurant Melbourne that provides Indian wedding catering in Melbourne. At Camberwell Curry Café, we comprehend the fact that it’s hard to choose the right caterer. With years of experience in restaurant business, we can make one thing ascertain that what we do, we do our best, be it catering, restaurant management, or anything else we are into. There are reasons we are quite famous in.

Did you know?

  • Couples on an average spend $40,000 on weddings, more than ever before
  • The average is almost double in the case of Indian weddings
  • Couples are getting even more considerate while choosing the right wedding caterer
  • When it comes to Indian wedding catering, you need a specialist as the caterer. An everyday caterer won’t do.

Whom you should choose in Melbourne as the wedding catering consultants?

Without saying, you should look for a caterer that provides the best of everything thing. And if it’s a traditional Indian wedding, the caterer’s experience in catering for Indian wedding matters the most. Factors you should consider while shortlisting wedding caterer in Melbourne:

  • The Cost
  • What’s included in the package; what you have to arrange on your own?
  • Where the caterer will prepare the food?
  • Will it take care of the pre- and post-cleaning?
  • Food quality and if it’s an Indian wedding, how experienced is the caterer in Indian cooking? Is he an established Indian wedding caterer?

Is Camberwell Curry House Melbourne is the wedding catering consultant you were looking for?

If you were looking for a caterer with the skills, knowledge and attention to detail, you are making the right choice. Many of our competitors take wedding as “yet another event”. For us, a wedding is more than just an event. Wedding catering is drastically different from birthday catering or business luncheons; it requires a profound understanding of a series of vital elements, which will affect the outcome.

Why choose us?
  • Professional assistance of wedding catering consultants
  • Flexible wedding catering packages
  • Great artistry in food preparation and presentation
  • Wide range of wedding catering menus
What is comprehensive wedding catering?

“Our chefs will work closely with you!”

At Camberwell Curry House Melbourne, we tailor our wedding catering packages to suit the budget, number of guest, type of food, taste, and the style. You can ask to arrange a special wine to celebrate the wedding toast, special meals for children or decorations to suit your tradition. Couples will have chairs to sit on and fully robed wedding table, including flouncing. For the guests’ tables, you can decide on linen, satin, or organza table overlay. Moreover, you can choose an extensive range of centrepieces and a satin chair cover available in diverse colours.

“Tell us what’s on your mind; we would love to fulfil your fantasies.”

We offer unmatched service to all our patrons, providing delightful dishes, ready for delivery. Call (03) 9882 3399 and talk to one of our approachable staffs to arrange catering for your next event.

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