Birthday Party Catering in Melbourne

Best Catering for a Birthday Party

Camberwell Curry House is your one-stop destination for supplying hot, delicious, delectable food for all types of events.

We provide exceptional, exclusive birthday party catering services in Melbourne. We can make birthday party an outright success. Your relatives are going to love it, your colleagues will cherish you, and your rivals—they will burn in jealousy. Your classroom crush will finally notice how cool you’re.

Your birthday is, without a doubt, the perfect day to put yourself at the centre of attraction, flaunt your party skills and to kick swagger. If you are new in the neighbourhood, throwing a birthday party is the best way to be noticed.

We will act as your catering partner and ensure that your guests have the best food experience on your birthday. We’ve catered tens of birthday parties, for both young and old, and we.

Our experience in catering for a birthday party is quite overwhelming. We have catered for all milestones. That’s the reason why everybody prefers Camberwell Curry House’s birthday party catering in Melbourne. We will craft a refreshingly unforgettable experience that will gratify the host, the guest of honour and unquestionably, your guests!

From first birthdays to extravagant teenagers’ parties, through to more senior parties such as coming-of-age 18th and 21st birthday parties as well as the big milestones: 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th, 80th and 90th birthday parties, our birthday party catering in Melbourne can make them unforgettable. For those who are lucky enough to celebrate their 100th birthday parties, we would love to see you partying.

Why birthday party catering in Melbourne by Camberwell Curry House?

  • Several menu categories to choose from for your birthday party
  • Make your menu if none of the categories suits your needs
  • Vast assortment of indigenous Indian delicacies to choose from: north-Indian or south-Indian, east or west.
  • Tens of desserts to satisfy the taste of every guests
  • Customise the menu to match the party theme
  • Special children menu

Following are the stuffs we give special insistence to while catering for a birthday party; you must also keep them in mind:

  • Venue: You select. We are quite flexible be it your home, a beach, park or your backyard
  • Theme: Ask us if you’re out ideas what should be theme of your birthday party.
  • Cake: The pinnacle of every birthday party. Ask our chefs. They are expert in this front.
  • Party Flavours: Find your own. Google is your friend. We can give you some great ideas too.

We offer unmatched service to all our patrons, providing delightful dishes, ready for delivery. Call (03) 9882 3399 and talk to one of our approachable staffs to arrange catering for your birthday.

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